What clay is best?

The most common question that is asked by someone who is new to the design and modeling field is, what is the best clay to use for my scale model? The answer to this depends on where you are in the world, as you can imagine different cultures have different views on what is best for them. From what I understand there are a few companies that are prevalent for the use in automotive design, Chavant, Faber and Kolb are the ones that I am familiar with. Continue reading What clay is best?

A New Year, A New Blog!

Welcome to Metamorphosis, here I will be talking about the transformation of a block of modeling clay into a sleek futuristic design, that is, your design. The purpose behind this blog is to provide you with the answers that will help you to successfully build your model from a sketch to a three dimensional object.

Now, using this blog as a medium for you to add your views, comment or such it should pave the way for you to gain a successful result with minimal stress. Couple this with my website Clay, Application to Refinement we should be able to accomplish a very acceptable end result, with you being the recipient of free and valuable information, that you can then take forward to a successful career in automotive design or clay modeling.

Participation is the key so don’t be shy!!!