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Reduce your Calories with Coke Zero!

If you want to be trendy then get on the “Coke Zero” bandwagon, don’t worry about saying your on a diet, you don’t even have to publicize it by having “Diet” written on the can. The beauty of this new drink is it has “zero sugar” and the same “real taste” as the regular drink, with its own cool graphic to match.

Remember life is short, live it to the fullest and enjoy life as it should be, without all the extra calories.

Stay fit! Drink Coke Zero

Bloggerwave, Blog Posts that Pay

Whooooohooo!! Check it out, not only do you get to do what you enjoy most (blogging of course!) but you can also get paid by producing candid reviews on related products or services in your chosen niche.

These guys at Bloggerwave provide the service for the small fry like you and me to be able to earn a few dollars writing about subject matter that fits nicely in our specialty field. It works simply like this, open an account and sign up your blog then wait for approval, that’s it. Within 72 hours they will let you know via your dashboard whether your blog has been accepted, for me it was done within 12 hours. After that you just checkout the “opportunities” as they are called and voilà, select and start writing with authority on those suitable subjects.

Now, we all know that we can’t be an authority on every given subject so spread the wealth, get your buddies in on the act, introduce them to Bloggerwave. Use integrity in your choice of assignments, show the customer you are an authority and with that more customers will join in knowing they will receive a quality service. So what do we get? We get to strut our stuff and get paid to boot.