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GM, True Super Sports on the Way

As everyone may have noticed in recent years the SS moniker that use to adorn true performance vehicles has been used on nearly every Chevrolet model that has been produced, even the latest Malibu. This indiscriminate use of the label has left true performance buffs shaking their heads wondering if even the Aveo will be the next one in the mix. The good news is, the manufacturer has seen the light and only true contenders will be worthy of the prestigious labeling, SS.

That means, vehicles such as the new Camaro due as a 2009 model will obviously be in the mix, the Impala springs to mind and maybe the Colbalt will hang on, as Chevrolets pocket rocket. For me this signifies a belief in bringing quality back to the brand and an end to diluting everything that is good. The SS should stand heads above the regular sports edition signifying that when you purchase that model it is indeed a Super Sport helping it to retain market value and exclusivity.

A vehicle that truly represents the name Super Sport.

Hydrogen, Is This The Demise Of The Oil Industry?

With the summer rush over and everyone settling into the fall/winter routine, the oil prices have started to drop. The record gas prices set in the summer have started to fall but the consumer has been driven to seek better fuel efficient vehicles to break the dependency of continual refueling and of course to save money. The disposable income that one once had is being eaten by the gas companies as they gloat over their record breaking profits. During the peak of the price increase large SUVs such as the Ford Expedition and the Chevy Suburban were eating gas at a rate of 25 cents a mile, assuming you were getting 12 miles to the gallon, causing a major backlog of SUVs on dealers lots, prompting a reduction in manufacturing output. All of the three domestic manufacturers have lost ground to their Asian counterparts with Toyota being the better equipped to deal with the oil crisis selling record numbers of their Toyota Prius.

The rush is on, every vehicle now being developed by major automotive manufacturers are striving for increased gas milage and the government backed initiative for the hydrogen fuel cell has been touted as the savior for mass transportation.

What does this all mean you may ask? Continue reading Hydrogen, Is This The Demise Of The Oil Industry?

Camaro Gets the Green Light

On the wave of J.D.Powers and Associates 2006 Vehicle Dependability Study on August 9th, General Motors announced one day later that it will put into production the dramatic vehicle that they had on show at this years North American International Auto Show, the Chevrolet Camaro. The long awaited return of Chevy’s muscle car has prompted many an enthusiast to bombard the corporate Blog demanding its return. Continue reading Camaro Gets the Green Light

Peter Schreyer Jumps Ship

As the rumors of the past week filter through, Peter Schreyer of Volkswagen/Audi fame is leaving the German company and heading to Kia to head up the Kia Global Design Operation. For Kia, this must be the coup of the century giving them the much needed credibility that is always hard to deliver in an environment of heavy weight car manufacturers. Kia’s quality and design language has improved dramatically over the last five years and couple this with a ten year warranty and market beating prices it’s hard to find a better deal. Now with Peter coming on board, his experience of Volkswagen’s no nonsense approach to quality materials and fit and finish will no doubt propel Kia to even greater heights. Continue reading Peter Schreyer Jumps Ship

Saab Design Succumbs to Globalization

It was only a matter of time before the quirky little car company called Saab would be eaten up and put right by it’s domineering owner General Motors. Since General Motors took a 50 percent stake in 1989, Saab thought that this would be the end of it’s monetary problems allowing it to compete more in a global market. Unfortunately the company still lost money but the General was there to step in and purchase the other 50 percent making it a totally owned subsidiary of General Motors. Continue reading Saab Design Succumbs to Globalization

GM, Incentives Once Again!!!

Here we go again, the vehicles are stacking up and after the bravado statement of, “We are weaning ourselves off of incentives and offering value pricing” the summer sell off is underway. General Motors is set to offer six years interest free on most of its 2006 inventory after stating that the sales for this year are down and business is slow. With the up and coming 2007 model year just around the corner we dare not be caught with excess vehicles, is the general concensus. Even existing 2007 models fail to beat the cut, with 3 years interest free being offered. Continue reading GM, Incentives Once Again!!!