Cadillac Ciel

Pebble Beach and the launch of the Cadillac Ciel concept brings to conclusion over a years worth of design, modeling and build work. The Cadillac Ciel Concept designed by Niki Smart and Gael Buzyn bucks the trend for the normal small fuel efficient vehicles that tend to dominate most people’s minds, giving a very real and fresh outlook for the future.

This concept vehicle modeled at our North Hollywood Advanced Design Studio demonstrates the depth of talent that we are fortunate to have, people like Darrin Jacobson, Sammy Trout, Richard Woodley, Danny Long and Wayne Bingham are just a few of the sculptors that have all contributed to perfecting the surfaces to create the designers vision.

Many times it has been back to the drawing board or should I say computer to redesign elements, tearing up the clay model and redirecting surfaces. Little is seen of this side of the equation or the painstaking hours it takes to develop a surface perfect to several levels of management, while still trying to meet the ever looming deadline. Eventually the ugly metamorphs into the beautiful and the clay model can be released to be built.

For my sculpting staff, it’s on to the next designers dream. Well done guys for creating that vision and providing another well executed clay model.

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