2010 Camaro Sparkles in the Californian Sun

Today simultaneously, Detroit and Los Angeles presented the pre-production/production version of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro to the press with actual production slated to start on February 16th 2009 at the Oshawa plant, Canada. The bright red camaro debuting in Detroit and fittingly, the bright yellow Camaro minus the black stripe, “bumblebee” from the Transformer Movie here in Los Angeles.

This long anticipated vehicle totally fits the bill and more, making you salivate as you pass your eyes over the sleek body panels and crisp lines with little in distracting from the original concept. The fit and finish was exceptionally good with only minor interference fit between door panel and dash but with seven months to go before full production these small flaws have plenty of time to be ironed out.

A couple of items that did standout to me were a jet black XM satellite antenna that stood proudly at the rear of the roof panel and a couple of rectangular reversing lamps that broke up the rear panel in an otherwise clean, tastefully executed design. This yellow RS version sported 20 inch rims on 245 front and 275 rear rubber together with the V6 six speed 304 horsepower engine good for 26 mpg. For the total enthusiast the high performance SS comes with a 6.2L V8 good for 422 horses manually equipped or 400 horses with a six speed automatic, either way they’re both going to plant your pants decidedly in your seat!

The interior carried the same modern heritage as the concept vehicle but more toned down with dark gray leather with silver bezels, inserts and silver stitching to compliment the seats. Interior space was suitable for a five foot seven person to sit comfortably in the rear seat with their head just touching the headlining but for a vehicle that is typical used as a two seater with occasional rear occupancy this sports car offers the ability to actual have passengers.

You may be thinking with today’s emphasis on better gas mileage one could argue that the timing is a bit off but what we have to realize is people are leaving their SUV’s and pickup trucks in droves with their 14-18 mpg at best so to move to a vehicle that gets 26 mpg or better it’s an instant fifty percent improvement and cool to boot.

Now I ask when considering your next purchase what would you rather have, a Camry or a Camaro?

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