Contract Clay Modeling Positions for July

As most clay modelers have probably noticed through their own networking, job opportunities have been picking up over the last couple of months. With this in mind I will condense this information into one post and will try and create an overview of this months offerings so as to give everyone an indication on how bouyant the industry is at the moment.

Most of this information has been gathered by my own contacts and frequenting notice boards such as ClayChat for regular updates.

  • Clay positions available in Holland, offered by Assystem UK (formerly known as International Automotive Design IAD) please contact Nicola, Tel: +44 (0) 1903-703221
  • Southern California clay modeling positions offered by Phoenix USA. All candidates should submit their Curriculum Vitae to or

    Ideally people with 10 years experience would be preferred. Point of contact Norman Astbury.

  • Allegro requires experienced clay modelers for Southern California, immediate openings for the right person, short based contracts in the Long Beach/Torrance, Los Angeles and Orange County. Point of contact John Grafman, please send supporting resume to

  • Allegro requires clay modelers with 10 years experience for a contract of 6 months in duration for the Southern California area with the possibility of an extention for the selected candidate. Please provide resumes to
  • Holden Special Vehicles, HSV require experienced clay modelers for their Clayton, Melbourne, Australia design studio. All interested parties should send their up-to-date resume to Julian Quincy, Studio Design Manager at

    This is a 6 month contract, include telephone number and eligibility status. Information supplied by Peter Watson of HSV on behalf of HSV.

  • Technicon require clay modelers for Germany. For further information contact Janet Noyes at or telephone: +44(0)1582 506600
  • An independent company is looking for an experienced clay modeller in the California area who can also make the molds. This is for a full conversion kit for a sports car. The right person will be provided with rent and food to relocate especially for non local people. If you are interested please contact Antonio at

    Provide contact information such as email and telephone number.

As you well know with any of these contract positions they will be filled quickly with the right candidate so make sure to provide your latest resume and contact number. For the international traveler an up-to-date passport is a must.

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