My Best 5 from the Top 5

Now that the group writing project has finished on Darren Rowse weblog a total of 893 participants managed to submit their top 5 list for the chance of winning the prize of $1001.00. When you consider that this tripled the number of participants from his previous high, money is oviously the controlling factor. After wading through this immense amount of information and yes it’s all good information the random draw winner was Nancy Callahan with her entry “Baby names from video games.”

During the reading of all these top 5 listings I have been pondering on how would I select a top 5 from all those submitted, everyone deserves a mention and to just relist the entire 892 other entrants would be in my mind the easy way out. So for me I decided that as my main discussion points on this blog are mainly automotive topics then what better top 5 to have than submittals that are automotive related.

So without further ado, here are my top 5.

No doubt all the 892 entrants will still be visited so that I can make sure there wasn’t anything that I missed and still continue the link fest. All I can say is, let’s look forward to the next fun group writing project and maybe it will be another record!!!!

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