GM, What a Difference a Year Makes

This time last year the top honors for Car and Truck of the year fell to the Japanese company Honda, with the Civic and the Ridgeline. The first time in the fourteen year history of the award that one company has taken both honors. Very impressive as Detroit has always been known as the home of the American auto industry, with that, the spoils for the year saw Honda increase its marketplace percentages as did Toyota at the expense of GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler.

This year the North American Car and Truck award goes to General Motors with the 49 automotive journalists appointing the Saturn Aura and the Cheverolet Silverado the winners, making it the second year in a row that one company has taken both honors, couple this with the turn around plan that Rick Wagoner has in place we could see some real momentum for 2007.

This was no easy feat when you think of the competition, the Saturn Aura edged out the Toyota Camry and the Honda Fit proving that the quality is there. The Silverado bettered the Ford Edge and the Mazda CX-7 to win its award. Now with some real contenders out in the marketplace what better time than to reveal the continual story of the Chevrolet Camaro with the Camaro convertible. With production penciled in for 2009 this will keep the palate salivating until the real vehicles emerge. Much to the Generals credit, this years offerings are all about quality and with the possible emergence of an alternative fuel vehicle such as the Chevrolet Volt, the tide could be finally turning.

With the roller coaster year 2006 behind us and 2007 starting off in good stead the comeback could be on for General Motors. The stock has stabilized at around $30.00 after Kerkorian the billionaire investor withdrew his support by selling all his stock, leaving little doubt that he was not impressed with the current offering, but now, was it a hasty move? New product is making its way to the marketplace at ever increasing speed, fresh and less quirky proving a good design doesn’t have to be extreme. Good money doesn’t buy extreme, good money buys sensible well thought-out reliable transportation.

The combined efforts of Rick Wagoner and Bob Lutz have put real emphasis on got to have products with real quality, leaving us with no doubt that the number one auto maker will not give up its crown without a fight. This year could be the turning point and with the automotive journalists giving their stamp of approval this could just be the beginning.

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