GM, True Super Sports on the Way

As everyone may have noticed in recent years the SS moniker that use to adorn true performance vehicles has been used on nearly every Chevrolet model that has been produced, even the latest Malibu. This indiscriminate use of the label has left true performance buffs shaking their heads wondering if even the Aveo will be the next one in the mix. The good news is, the manufacturer has seen the light and only true contenders will be worthy of the prestigious labeling, SS.

That means, vehicles such as the new Camaro due as a 2009 model will obviously be in the mix, the Impala springs to mind and maybe the Colbalt will hang on, as Chevrolets pocket rocket. For me this signifies a belief in bringing quality back to the brand and an end to diluting everything that is good. The SS should stand heads above the regular sports edition signifying that when you purchase that model it is indeed a Super Sport helping it to retain market value and exclusivity.

A vehicle that truly represents the name Super Sport.

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