Gas Misers, 30 MPG Vehicles

The launch of 2007 model year vehicles is upon us and the buzz is about the slew of 30 mpg cars and trucks that are available. The record gas prices of the summer has seen a change of heart for many people and the misconception that certain automotive companies only produce gas guzzlers is about to change. Predictably the Toyota Prius is the most fuel economical vehicle available now touting an impressive 51 mpg on the highway, 5 mpg less than the Honda Insight which ceases production for the 2007 model year.

General Motors has improved its position with numerous vehicles from its Chevrolet brand breaking the 30 mpg threshhold. Vehicles such as the Aveo 37 mpg, Cobalt 34 mpg, HHR 30 mpg, Impala 31 mpg, Malibu 34 mpg and the Monte Carlo 31 mpg all hit that 30 mpg threshhold.

That being said both Honda and Toyota have their thoroughbreds. With Honda, the Accord 34 mpg, Civic 40 mpg, CRV 40 mpg and the Fit new to the market with 38 mpg. Toyota not to be outdone provide you with the Rav4 30 mpg, Matrix 36 mpg, Corolla 41 mpg, Yaris 40 mpg and the Camry 34 mpg.

The one thing that the Asian companies have going for them is their already established hydrid technology which they have in place. This coupled with high gas prices helps them to enjoy record sales at this moment in time. Since General Motors has iced the Impact electric vehicle because of costs in producing each unit their energy has been channeled into Hydrogen fuel cell technology but this technology is still aways off for general transportation.

The saving grace for a company such as General Motors is the choice of vehicle, if Chevrolet is not your taste then there are still brands such as Pontiac, Saturn, SAAB and Buick with fuel efficient vehicles. Let’s take Pontiac for instance, the Solstice with sales outpacing the production quota boasts 31 mpg. Other Pontiacs such as the Vibe 36 mpg, G5 34mpg, G6 33 mpg and the Grand Prix 30 mpg. These vehicles aim for the youth in you bringing a little verve to an otherwise mundane day.

With quality assurance between companies now being negligible the only differentiating statement that can be had is the styling of each individual vehicle. Companies are vying for the consumers attention with innovative design and luxury appointment that would have been non existent on the lower end vehicles of 20 years ago. That being said, the best place to check out what all manufacturers have to offer is to attend an up and coming International Auto Show.

This years LA Auto Show commences for the public from December 1st through December 10th at the Los Angeles Convention Center marking its 100 year anniversary. Those who are fortunate enough to work within the auto industry will be able to attend press days, November 29th through November 30th providing preregistration had been done to obtain ones credentials. This years press days will be opened by General Motors Chairman and CEO Mr. Rick Wagoner on Wednesday November 29th, followed by numerous press conferences throughout Wednesday and Thursday by all major motor manufacturers.

Once the press days is finished, the 10 day public opening will reveal the latest in fuel economical vehicles. Maybe this is the time to check out your next vehicle before putting down your hard earned cash.

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