Blogtopsites, Where Is It?

I have noticed in the last week or so that the website, blogtopsites has been down. My question is, is it because of a change in server or has it been removed altogether. The site is unique in the fact that you can track the amount of traffic that comes to your blog over a one week period giving you a numerical number for the position in that said category. In other words, Metamorphosis was tracking at number 60 to 65 over the week period out of an estimated 400 blogs in the category of Automotive Blogs. Most people wanting to find out about a certain subject will visit this site, making it important to strive for a top 50 placement at least in a hope of finding regular traffic. The top 50 being the first page of this website.

I find it interesting as this gives me an incentive to try and produce more postings with quality information. This in turn will help my readership to grow, resulting in a higher placement in the blog top sites.

I have noticed on the site Problogger which normally tracks at number one for internet blogs, that the link is down proving there must be a problem. If anyone does have an idea as to what’s going on, post a comment to resolve my curiosity.

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