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Another successful “Group Writing Project” comes to an end at Problogger and it’s time to list what I think has been the most beneficial to my growth as a blogger. That doesn’t mean that the ones that didn’t make my list were not worthy but the ones that did meet my criterion for the “Best” are the ones that I have listed.

This list of 343 submissions surpasses the last mass writing project and to be honest it has taken a lot of time to read everyones post and more, which leads me in having to backtrack and read quite a few of the posts again, just to refreshen my mind after information overload.

My thoughts on this project leads me to list first the posts that are outside the normal scope of what Problogger is about, those posts that have nothing to do with internet marketing and making money online. They are the ones that I enjoyed the most in this group writing project. They were the ones who spoke about their hobbies, their families or day to day experiences.

  • How to be a parent and still have fun.
    A charming post on how to relax a little with your two year old. I can relate to that having two young children myself. Everything was doable when we had one but now it is a challenge with both, as the eldest one now does not take naps and it is all go from morning till night.
  • How to save money at the grocery store.
    In these times where every penny counts Shannon passes on her tips on reducing your grocery bill. Our household uses these coupons on specific items but I’m sure if we tried there would be a lot more savings to be had. Our primary goal is to save on good cuts of meat when they are on special. Buy in bulk and freezer wrap for those occasions when you have a large dinner party, hence reducing the cost.
  • Position your fish tank for properity and growth.
    This is a post that states all the obvious failings of many aquariums and the corrections. The idea of having a great living window in your own home can be very appealing with the right know how. Nice post with a Feng Shui twist.
  • Teaching your children how to save.
    I like this post a lot especially as I have small children. It is always hard to determine the best course to take when teaching savings and I think this is a great start, savings and spending money gives the best of both worlds.
  • 7 comments on kayak photography; how did you shoot it?
    A good tutorial on visualizing the image without the camera and not to be afraid of taking numerous shots to get the picture. It doesn’t have to be a professional camera to do the job but your willingness to learn your camera and what it can do.

Although I have only chosen five, there are plenty more that could easily have fit the bill. In this group writing project there are no losers only winners and with that I’ll look forward to the next one. Great job everybody!!!

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