Coping With Fussy Designers

There are times in every studio where you will come across that one designer who has to be involved with every aspect of the modeling process, be it in the construction of the buck to the application of the modeling clay. He will have his own set methods of construction or application probably stemming back to his experience at art school or a previous employment. Now, you may find this to be amusing in the first instance because normally this side of the process is of no concern to the designer. His goal is to see his sketch in 3D form as soon as possible so that the designing process can begin.

For the sculptor this can be extremely frustrating, very little momentum is gained let alone the time to absorb the concept before modeling begins. This form of micro managing impacts the whole modeling process, increasing the man hours and generally the overall length of the program. In todays cut throat business time is an important commodity, the faster the product comes to market the sooner the sales can start pulling in the profit.

A certain amount of trust is required between the designer and the modeling staff and a self confidence that allows the sculptors to move forward with initial building of the buck. Many times reassurance needs to be given to the designer in question and that’s just to get the model into the blocking in stage. By engaging in small talk you can generally cut through the ice and relax his focus, talking about sports, music, favorite restaurants will give everyone a common ground. Envisage the model after blocking in and ask for working sketches of the job in question, not a finished rendering but real working sketches to complement the main renderings. The attention is redirected to the important issues, his focus is then about the improvement of his design and not about how to model it.

You will find as the model progresses and designer and modeling team become more familiar with each other the scrutiny will subside allowing for a more relaxed atmosphere. A sense of equilibrium will return resulting in a more harmonious coexistence and better work flow. Then you will have a team that can work and create future products with minimal disruption.

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